Virtual Tours

Give an answer on the ground to questions from your users with Delta's geo-web solutions

The ability to provide users with information regarding your position is a competitive advantage.

Checking your proximity, anytime of thier trip, or being noticed that your position is very strategic in their usual routes..., may be decisive to choose your business.


It's a configurable web-based solution that, along with our CMS, allows the administration of:

  • Contents
  • Geo positioning
  • User profiles


With our solutions users may get a website that combines conventional and geo-positioned navigation.

When browsing content in a conventional way, users get all searched information and also its geolocation on a special Google Maps window.

This is a special map as it offers its own menu of geo-positioned contents, which are organized in layers, and points that may be enabled and disabled at will.

A selected content becomes a permanent reference point on the map. The capability to enable and disable layers on the map can easily relate the benchmark and the rest of the points, for example, choosing where to sleep depending of the environment or vice versa.

This system also allows the selection of points by proximity, calculate distances between points...

Virtual tours based en Earth

Click here to see examples of our works in virtual tours

Earth is a surprising application from Google that satisfies our desire to fly free wherever we want, but as we approach the goal the charm fades away. Things become flat and the magic disappears.

To recover that magic, we propose you to make realistic visions of cities, monuments, landscapes, environments, paths, buildings and significant points in general, through the following actions:

  1. Recovery of unique elements: buildings, landscapes ...
    • On-the-ground development and implementation of 3D models of buildings, civil works...

      Possible reconstruction and geo position archaeological deposits

    • Preparation and geolocation of:
      • Enveloping images: useful to present urban as well as indoor settings
      • Panoramic Images
  2. Establishment of routes between significant points.
    We schedule field trips between selected points, to see bird's eye view and explore them interactively.
    These actions are performed individually or together. The results are integrated in both the client's website on Earth's plug-in, as on Earth public layers.

Geo-positioning for mobile devices and augmented reality on smartphones

Our actions relate positions and content with their GPS positions to display on Smartphones with Internet connection.

The information located on the map, or on the image you get live from Smartphone's camera, augmented reality.

It also allows to do actions such as phone calls, watch videos, open a web page, switch on the information relating to the site.

It is desirable to have information adapted to the mobile web to facilitate its viewing.

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